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63% of respondents prefer old FFA badge to new

The FFA seems to be changing as many things as possible before the normalisation committee steps in to govern the sport in a few weeks, as always almost all of them are being shot down by the games most important stakeholders, the fans.

A poll conducted on our Facebook page has shown that nearly two-thirds of respondents prefer the old badge to the new one which resembles the symbols used for each A-League team.

The club logos which the national logo is coming into line with.

Although having a homogenous set of badges works to streamline marketing, the great appeal of Football is the uniqueness of each teams semantics.

The old logo which is far from perfect at least had the Southern Cross, something that is representative of the nation, the new badge merely has the national colours on display.

How long the new logo will be in place or the administrators themselves is anyone’s guess, with neither faction blinking in this longstanding row it seems as though Football is destined for far greater changes than what logo is chosen to represent the nation.

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