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Australia divided on return of Ethnic teams

Football Alive has posted a poll on allowing Ethnic teams back into the national set up and shared it across the network and in various groups on Facebook, the results are on a knife edge.

With nearly 2000 votes so far it is 51% to 49% in favour of allowing the Ethnic teams a seat back at the Footballing table.

This, however, has swayed throughout the vote which will be open for another 5 days, click here to vote.

It shows the deep divisions in the game, something that must heal if Football is to move forward and realise its potential.

During the NSL days, we had clubs that churned out players without national curriculums or corporate alliances, they lived hand to mouth, starved of media and sponsorship yet they survived off the pitch and thrived on it.

Today, we have a deal with Fox with global reach, marquees we could never have dreamed of and corporate backing from the mega rich, yet we are failing on the field and in the stands.

The two factions of old Football and Modern Football must be reconciled if the game is to progress.

Unfortunately, this poll shows that is further away today than ever.

Gavin Devine

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