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Canberra, South Melbourne and 4 plastic bids await final call

Canberra is simply a must for expansion, a stand-alone team with the AIS at its doorstep, an entire NPL to draw players from and to promote and expand and an untouched hinterland in Western NSW to be developed, if it doesn’t get the nod then something is seriously wrong with the new regime.

With relation to the other bids, I know I am backing the wrong pony but it is a shame that South Melbourne are not being rushed into the A-League, a club with more tradition than the entire A-League combined cannot get a game whilst a colony of Manchester with the English flag as its crest plays in front of a third of the capacity of AAMI.

Of the other bids, the two out of Sydney are both unrealistic and contrived, Southern Expansion is hiving off the territory of the Wollongong Wolves in plain view, it is an act of sporting bastadry that won’t be forgotten by those of us who remember the South Coast team fondly from its NSL days.

I have written before that it should have been the first club into the A-League, non-ethnic, a huge and vibrant junior base, the Illawarra Premier League to blood its players in and a history of winning titles, it is such a shame that it wasn’t accepted into Modern Football.

Think of all the games vs the Glory at the very least and the old passion that would have burnt bright over the last decade?

Such an opportunity lost, then dashed again by this bidding process when the club everyone wanted was cast aside in favour of a club that doesn’t even exist. 

You couldn’t make it up.

As a Wanderers fan myself, I don’t often sympathise with the blue end of town, especially not in derby week, however, the admittance of SE would be a massive blow to the Eastern club, they are in a state of flux having their home rebuilt and at this time do not deserve to have to fight for their own fans whilst playing at Kogarah one week only to have SE play there the week after.

It is ridiculous and unsettling and will only divide a support that needs to be solidified, the last thing Football needs is a brand new stadium at Moore Park with no one in it and SE touting their crowds in the Smurfs backyard, they deserve to get their house in order before having a rival put not on their doorstep but in their living room.

The same can be said of SWS, Wanderers are desperately counting the days til Wanderland 2.0 is opened and the long exile from a rectangular stadium is over, with the issues WSW supporters have had between the FFA, the club owners and the exile now is a ridiculous time to halve the support.

That an unnamed Chinese billionaire can be granted a license but a club in South who are a pillar of Football in this country cannot get a game for being ethnic is ridiculous. We are a country with a foreign flag in the corner of our own, who are we to lecture clubs for having the semantics of the nations of their grandparents birth?

The other Melbourne bids appear to be the lesser of the evils, the Sydney bids as I have stated above are very poorly timed, of the two the West Melbourne bid looks the strongest, it has a lot of lofty promises which you come to expect with electioneering, it will likely all be built about the same time that bullet rail comes about.

But if we look at the bids in the knowledge that South will likely be overlooked, Canberra and either West Melbourne or Team XI look the best options, I am not going into any detail with the latter as it hasn’t promised a lot of guff it won’t build and will likely be overlooked for one that will, or at least says it will.

Hopefully, we will see Canberra accepted into the competition, whoever else comes will either start a turf war or have extremely lofty promises to uphold. 

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