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Craig Foster gets more done in a month than the FFA could do in a decade

A huge congratulations to Craig Forster for his campaign to save Hakeem, his heartfelt pleas not just to the nation but also to Thailand have made worldwide headlines and brought the young refugees plight into the open, where a common sense decision was made.

The outcome? Hakeem is home safe and sound and will now be able to get over his ordeal and get on with his life. During the campaign to save Hakeem, Forster took a hashtag and turned it into a tidal wave, he took an issue raised by the fans and made it into front page news.

The soap box that his career in the media and as a professional footballer have provided was used expertly and truthfully, Fossy wasn’t  afraid to bare his soul for Hakeem either, his tears were no those of a crocodile but of man whose empathy struck a chord with the public and brought about the momentum for justice to be done.

This is exactly what Australian Football needs in its administration, a man we can rally around, a man who will take the periphery and make it the centre, a man who we can trust, not someone reading from a prepared script but a man who first and foremost is a player and fan of the beautiful game.

He wants what is best for Football and for Footballers, there can be no doubting his credentials, he has done more in a few weeks than Gallop and co have managed in their entire disastrous tenure, it is time to hand Gallop’s job to Foster.

With attendances tumbling, active support collapsing, viewing numbers tanking and the established sports about to return and take what little spotlight Football had during the summer, we are about to watch the bad get worse, these poor numbers haven’t hit the bottom yet, not by a long way.

We need a figure who is both approachable and believable, who is firm in his views yet open to others opinions, who can listen as well as he can speak and above all who is unconnected to any of the power brokers in suits whose first allegiance isn’t the round ball.

Football needs Craig Foster, he put his hand up only to be frozen out, with the 100-day plan being a catastrophe so far, if the board cannot produce on its stated goals, then hand over the reigns to Foster, he will try and try again until he gets the outcomes Football is screaming for.


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