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Craig Foster’s withdrawal a punch in the nose to Aussie Football fans

Craig Foster’s withdrawal from the race to be FFA Chairman is a bitter pill to take, out of all the candidates he was head and shoulders the best man to lead Australian Football forward, now we have people whose claim to fame is their ability to horsetrade.

Since the end of old Football, we have seen a spate of Chairmen who have been appointed on the back of experience earned in other codes, leading many to speculate where their loyalties lie.

Fans have been crying out for the game to be run by someone who loves the game first and foremost and will heal the divide which has festered during Stephen Lowy’s chaotic tenure. 

There now appear to be 3 candidates remaining and there are rumours of appointments from various corporations to follow the seemingly democratic process.

For all the brinkmanship between the board and the federations to get an expanded Congress and more rights to more people, what is the point if not to allow the rise of the best candidate?

In the last few days, we have seen the most popular candidate set out his stall for his beliefs of the future for the game and then withdraw it when it became clear he didn’t hold the factional numbers.

We are now left with another set of corporate types most of whom you would have to Google to find out who they are, let alone what they believe for the future of our game.

It is a shame that the rank and file who play the game, watch it and love it will not have their man in charge, like so many things in Football in Australia, it is a case of so close yet so far.

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