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Expansion rejected as APFCA and A-League brace for FIFA direct administration

News Limited sites have reported that the 10 A-League clubs and the Australian Profesional Football Clubs Association (APFCA) have rejected the mooted expansion of the A-League due to a lack of dialogue between the beleaguered board and the nation’s clubs.

The FFA is acting unilaterally in what appears to many as the last roll of the dice before direct administration by FIFA becomes a reality, the Association have themselves stated that the FFA itself is in ‘caretaker’ mode underlying the anticipation for the overthrow of the Westfields and former NRL supremos.

As printed in News:

“Until the FIFA/AFC (Asian Football Confederation) governance reforms are articulated and implemented we would counsel you that the administration and board of FFA should not be undertaking any such action having regard to the fact that they are now essentially in a ‘caretaker’ mode,’’ Griffin said in the letter.

“APFCA puts you on notice that it does not accept the legitimacy of the process, whatever that may have been, adopted by FFA administration and the FFA board to expand the A-League competition.

“APFCA takes great exception to the process that FFA has embarked upon in respect to expansion of the A-League competition which process has been undertaken without any formal consultation of both the APFCA membership and the PFA (Professional Footballers Australia — the players union).

“To proceed in this manner is to act in complete conflict with the current governance reform process.

“APFCA under these circumstances will reject any position purported to be put in place by FFA on any expansion of the A-League until such time as there has been proper consultation of, and engagement with, the stakeholders of the professional game APFCA and PFA.”

In my opinion, FIFA will not move until after the World Cup in June, if it were to directly administer our game before this marquee event and Australia was to improve substantially France, Denmark and Peru could claim a conflict of interests as our association would have been aided.

Once the Socceroos World Cup fate is decided, the fates of Lowy and Gallop will hang in the balance with these caretakers likely to be dethroned and tarred with a brush that will haunt them the rest of their professional lives.

Gavin Devine

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