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Fans reject Southern Expansion and call for Canberra

On a Facebook poll held on our page this morning, we have seen a very clear vote, particularly from residents of NSW against Southern Expansion.

There have been over 2.3k votes and it remains open, you can vote by clicking here.

Southern Expansion itself is about the only thing that Wanderers and Sydney FC fans agree on, that it is an abjectly stupid idea and shouldn’t be considered.

Recently we have seen a lot of bluster out of Southern Expansion basically claiming credit for the Big Blue crowd at Kogarah, their touting of a multi-stadium approach is nothing more than political opportunism, all they are trying to do is cloak a takeover of the Wollongong Wolves area as well as the Shire and Botany area.

That the A-League has kicked the Wolves out of the bidding process is a disgrace, they should have been the first club accepted into the A-League along with the Glory and Brisbane Strikers for that matter.

If Southern Expansion is allowed into the A-League at the expense of Canberra, it will be against the wishes of Football fans from around the country.

With relation to Canberra, their bid is a no brainer, for that reason it is likely that the new board will overlook their candidacy for whoever promises the most money, not the most momentum. 

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