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How to save Football from the abyss

The A-League season is the least of Football’s worries, indeed the future of the broadcast agreement with Foxtel and the financial futures of our clubs are paramount at this time.

The proposal of the Bundesliga to restart the league behind closed doors on May 9 is an opportunity for A-League clubs to follow precedent, should our local authorities agree we can get this season done, secure the payouts owed and maintain the A-League on Fox in the future.

An idea that could work is to pick one stadium and play all games there.

This has been floated as an idea in England (rather a region but its needs are greater) and should we take it on board we should look to a ground we can have total autonomy over.

The candidates would be Perth, Adelaide and the Central Coast, all the rest have dual ownership and could be taken over by NRL or Union should they too return.

Out of these grounds, the Central Coast would be the best, firstly for the timezone, we would need to get games played whereby they will fit the broadcasting schedule of Foxtel.

There are plenty of Grounds to train on away from urban areas, regional hospitals for testing and treatment and no problems with attracting crowds as there will be none.

The curve has well and truly been flattened across the country, with this in mind Football would not be putting any excessive pressure on the health service and also be able to allow people themselves mad with cabin fever the opportunity to enjoy some live sport.

Should the German model work, we choose a stadium, condense the match days and play the season out, the Premiers are decided, the Champions too, our clubs get paid and most importantly the future of our game is protected.

If you have a better idea then please post it to social media, our game is in peril, we must find a way to save it, again, this season’s Champions and fixtures are the last of our problems, if we are forced to complete this season for our clubs to have a financial outlook commensurate with their expenditure, a solution must be found.

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