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Lowy has “Lost the locker room”

Australia looks increasingly likely to come under the direct control of world body FIFA after the FFA’s proposals for reforming the FFA Congress were rejected.

The A-League clubs and “some major states” rejected the proposals tabled by Chairman Stephen Lowy with the preliminary reasoning being that there were 13 conflicts of interest within the proposal.

That this amount of time and money has been spent on trying to rectify the undemocratic system by which Football is governed is itself a disgrace.

The brinkmanship in Lowy’s latest comments looks likely to serve as his footballing obituary.

“Those who voted against progress today are those who want to take the game back to the bad old days,” Lowy said.

“Seventy per cent of the stakeholders today voted in favour of these resolutions and they together with the FFA board will not let the game go back to the bad old days.

“The game of football in Australia has never been in better shape than it is today. It’s not perfect, but football in Australia today is in a fantastic place with great opportunities.

“We will now communicate with FIFA about what the next steps should be and to protect the interests of more than a million participants in the game and many more fans in Australia.”

Let’s talk about these paragraphs in order:

Firstly taking football back to the bad old days is a reference to 2 things, the first was the ethnic clubs, the second was the fighting among them.

On those points, these clubs were the backbone of Football, at Stuttgart when the Socceroos played Croatia, 6 of our players were of Croatian heritage and 3 of the opposition were Croatian Australians who had returned.

Bad old days?

You mean when our ethnic clubs developed world-class talent instead of being shunted to the lower leagues without any opportunity to ascend?

The one thing that was terrible in the “Bad old days” was the lack of consensus, something that Football is devoid of at the moment.

The second point is how 70 percent voted in favour, unfortunately, this didn’t include the A-League or NSW and Victoria whose states make up half the population of the country.

On the 3rd point it is sheer arrogance to say that Football has never been in a better place, our national manager walked away from his dream job due to being sold up the river by an NRL executive for backing Socceroos wage increases.

We have seen the lowest crowds of the entire A-League era, the most woeful marketing campaign in the competition’s history and with the lowest matriculation to major Leagues for our young players for anytime since the NSL began… let alone the A-League.

As Star Wars round approaches Lowy will need a Jedi knight to save his bacon, the A-League has never been in more peril.

Expansion has been canned, there is a revolt akin to the Superleague takeover with Rugby League back in the 90’s from the NPL clubs below and FIFA and the AFC have had their demands brushed aside.

How on earth is that strength?

On the last point, they will communicate with FIFA, i actually believe this part, it will be asking if we need to send a taxi or a bus for the normalising committee.

Mr. Lowy in the words of Adelaide United Chairman Greg Griffin, who was the A-League clubs representative “has lost the locker room.”

What happens next is uncertain, but will almost certainly involve pain before pleasure.

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