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Newcastle rejects FFA musical proposals

Lawrie McKinna has come out against the FFA proposals for music during matches and stated that it is up to individual clubs.

The Jets CEO took to Twitter to scotch the American style entertainment which has been pilloried by fans who have found the proposals cringeworthy.

The FFA and the clubs remain in a bitter battle with the CRWG due to hold its key vote in a matter of days and this public rejection will be music to the ears of A-league fans across the country.


It is unclear if the FFA will go ahead with the initiative, however it is likely that active fans will come up with a response to the music.

The RBB made a lot of noise with its FCK FFA displays and chanting and which drew the ire of police and officials, should a similar response come from traditionally more reserved supporters, the very initiative to get young fans in the gate may have the opposite effect.

As always, our games administrators are proving they are better at scoring own goals than Martin Skrtel.


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