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Poll: 10, 12 or 14 teams next year.

I will be brief, next year we are looking at one of three possibilities, a 10 team league unchanged from this year with expansion put on ice, a 12 team league or a 14 team league.

If it is the first option then I would suggest it is a major fail for Football, the format is tired and needs to be revitalised with new blood.

If it is the second option then how many rounds do we play?

Of course, we could play just home and away but that is far too little Football, 3 rounds would mean a 33 game season, this would be good in the sense that the season would be extended by 6 weeks hopefully kicking off in late August.

If we went to a 14 team league we would actually lose an entire round playing home and away 26 times meaning the fixtures would actually contract by 1 match as well. 

How many teams rounds should be played next season?

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This would be a better option for the FFA as they are petrified of taking on the established codes in their respective finals series in September and drowned out in the height of their seasons in June and July.

Canberra would seem a logical bid, that could mean 3 teams from the 5 bidding from Melbourne and Sydney could all be allowed in, if they have the money to bid this deep in the process then why not accept 4?

It is a shame the Wolves and Ipswitch were cast aside, Sydney and Melbourne have enough teams as is.


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