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Poll overwhelmingly calls for mass pyro at A-League

Football Alive conducted a poll on our Facebook page which was seen by 6970 people of whom 234 voted to the question of “How much pyro makes a party?”

Full analytics are in the picture below, the outcome was somewhat onesided with 193 wanting PAOK style pyro, 35 wanting regulated pyro and just 6 wanting no pyro at all.

These analytics show how different opinions are from the terrace to the boardroom whereby A-League fans truly love the colour of ‘smokies’ at a game.

The more traditional ‘Aussie sports’ frown upon it and all well and good, we are not these sports and nor should we try and copy them.

The A-Leagues announcement of initiatives of BBL style music during the match have gone down like a lead balloon, however, the idea of safe pyro has reopened a debate which in some parts of the world is a fundamental of the game day experience.

Australia is a multicultural nation and one whereby people should be able to appropriate from their homelands, be it rhythms to songs, callouts, drums or pyro.

Here is the video on our Twitter feed.

Of course, it isn’t that simple, we have a federation which has tried unsuccessfully to homogenise the sport away from its ethnic roots and ban the flags and semantics of clubs representing different ethnicities. 

Pyro too is seen as threatening, in this case, a physical threat be it by way of burning or inhalation, threats which are tangible and must be addressed.

But at the game in question whereby PAOK played Chelsea, a great spectacle was enjoyed, no one was hurt and the smoke was only released in the active bays, a similar initiative in Australia can work on the same precedent.

The fans have spoken and overwhelmingly so, if the A-League is serious about introducing regulations for the release of pyro at matchdays, it should be at mandated times and areas so anyone who is afraid of it knows where they can sit to avoid it.

We don’t need stewards to spark a smokie for us, we need to be able to let rip ourselves.

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