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So is it no to expansion 2018/19?

The silence is deafening from the A-League with regards to the expansion of the competition, it had been reported last year that we would have a 12 team competition next year.

The FFA has since stated that the structural reforms of the organisation itself have taken precedence, these are a shambles which could well lead to us surrendering our national autonomy.

FIFA looks likely to take over the FFA let alone the A-League in the short to medium term, the federations and its member clubs are in all out revolt and an at this time unsanctioned championship is being mooted.

What all this suggests is that the FFA and the A-League have lost the initiative in this conflict, both domestically and Internationally.

If they want to take the initiative back and both placate the AAFC and FIFA, then a first step would be honouring the original process and move Australia to a 12 team competition.

To do this would require submissions to be taken quickly, by taking away the block on clubs with an ethnic background, like Hollandia, then this will calm the members from the NPL.

Why should the ethnicity of a clubs supporters matter?

At the same time it will give all of them a realistic chance to showcase why they should be in the A-league, no different to competing franchises should they bid as well.

In fact franchises would be able to bid against the NPL clubs, Tasmania, NT and the ACT are far more likely to have a united bid then to go with an NPL member with delusions of grandeur.

With respect to Darwin Rovers, South Hobart and Belconnen they would be better of being part of a consortium and become feeder teams to it.

The same cannot be said in the mainland Captial cities and a few regional centres such as  Townsville, Wollongong and Geelong.

FIFA and the AFC are not going to put up with the current system much longer, the AAFC is looking positively belligerent in its outlook and fans are growing tired of the repetitive format.

The FFA and A-League can offer an olive branch to all with one simple gesture, send out invitations to bid for 2 spots commencing next season.

More clubs in the A-League is what the AFC and FIFA want, the AAFC is demanding and all Australian Football fans are looking forward to.

It is a silver bullet for all.

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