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Socceroos fans becoming a political Football.

Just when you thought Football had enough problems, fans are being urged to think three times before traveling to Russia for the World Cup.

If you believe Russia botched a hit on a traitor or not is immaterial, the facts are that Russia will not embarrass itself at a major international event by attacking fans, nor will its people.

Putin won’t tolerate embarrassment on home turf as Western leaders might, this is England’s tiff which they are predictably dragging everyone else into just as that country’s approach to the Brexit negotiations have bordered on shambolic.

Now at least everyone is again marching to the English drum again as the cages are rattled just as a customs union and free trade agreement are being negotiated.

Australia has predictably joined in the tit for tat squabble and no sooner have these handbags come about than the Socceroos fans are being used as pawns in this game.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Russia and was lucky enough to get tickets for this World Cup as well and can’t wait to go back, Russia is a magical country and the people’s hospitality is a real treat.

I would encourage people not to heed “Chilling warnings” from the press.

Travel advice as reported by News

“Due to heightened political tensions, you should be aware of the possibility of anti-Western sentiment or harassment,” the advice says.

“Remain vigilant, avoid any protests or demonstrations and avoid commenting publicly on political developments.”

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack also advised Australians who are planning to travel to reconsider.

“There is obviously a diplomatic row at the moment after those nerve agents were used,” he told the ABC today.

“If you don’t need to travel to Russia at the moment then think twice, think three times, about doing it.”

Apparently, the Tory party and Royal family are boycotting the event which I am sure will cause distress across Russia, I would suggest to fans who have already got their tickets to go to Russia, watch the Socceroos and enjoy the experience.

These events are politically contrived, they have nothing to do with Football, they have to do with embarrassing a country who won the rights to host the World Cup over England, funnily enough, the royals and politicians went to that ceremony.

Gavin Devine

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