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Stajcic sacking must be clarified, no mud is being thrown but stains remain

Alen Stajcic sacking has shocked Football fans across the country, watching our ladies rise through the world rankings has been wonderful for us all and had us dreaming out loud about a tilt at the World Cup in France in June.

Those dreams have been dashed with a decision taken on the back of 2 surveys, one by the FFA/Players Union and the other by Our Watch the latter being campaigners to “End violence against women and their children.”

The inference is simple, since the survey was carried out for ‘workplace environment issues’ it would suggest that the reason he has been sacked is due to abusing his power as coach, be it in a physical, sexual or mental capacity.

Of those 3, only sexual is an excuse for sacking, as professional athletes if a coach runs you til you puke and calls you a f**king muppet every time you miss a shot in training then that is within their remit, I remember when I played in the Associations far below and my coaches were scathing.

When we played against players who had made the jump up to what is today’s NPL we would all giggle about the punishments those managers handed out when eagerly listening to the tales from above.

Disciplinarians are very common in Football, imagine how many times Sir Alex Fergusson would have been sacked if Man United had conducted these surveys?

If this comes down to what has been said what gaffer will every have the opportunity to pull the hairdryer out at half time and blast the paint off the dressingroom walls? It is part of Football.

If it is a breach on physical grounds in and I stress a non-sexual manner, then this is a joke, players are expected to go above and beyond there limits, this is the bread and butter of fitness training.

Will managers start handing out surveys at halftime asking their players if they feel up to the full 90 or request being subbed? Where does it end.

Gallop is going to brief the players today, they are in Sam Kerr’s words ‘shocked and saddened’ by the sacking.

The excuse he gives them would want to warrant a police investigation into them because if they don’t then you can bet your life Stajcic will have the beleaguered board before a courtroom for wrongful dismissal and the defamation of his character.

Football is dying before our eyes, those who are knifing it in the chest all work for the game, our game is being killed by its own hand, I guess that is the issue with hiring people who love other sports.

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