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The deafening silence of A-League advertising

Many on social media are wondering out loud how to get the attendances back to the way they were before Active support and the FFA went to war over the unfair bans and the way they were released to the media.

Some ideas include a softening of the FFA’s stance on protests against it, safe smoke bays for pyro, cheaper tickets, consensus with the Congress and FIFA, new teams to revitalize the stale structure or more marquee players.

All of these are good ideas to try and bring people back through the turnstiles, another idea however which is tried and true and works the length and breadth of the sporting world is to advertise that the League is on.

The lack of promotion it can be argued is due to the omnipresent noise that is September, where the other codes have their finals and companies clamour to have their business shown on the major networks and Fox alike.

It is no secret that when there is a major event on, such as a semi-final series, that the cost per unit of advertising goes up exponentially. 

Herein lies a major problem with the structure of the football season itself, it is too expensive to promote and no matter how loud we yell, the round ball will be drowned out by whatever code your state calls ‘Footy’.

Yesterday the Central Coast Mariners handed Western Sydney Wanderers a 3-0 drubbing behind closed doors, why is our preseason both irregular and off limits to fans truly starved of action?

The offseason is among Football’s longest anywhere on the planet, for a country which has played in the last four World Cups this is ridiculous.

The AFL has a women’s competition concurrently with its knockout cup in February which is expertly promoted and receives large crowds and corporate backing, we are run by corporate elites who instead of earning their 7 figure salaries do nothing at a time when the buzz should be building around our beloved game.

We have thrown the towel in before the fight has begun, we refuse to start our season in February/March like the rest of Asia as we don’t want to go alongside the other codes with scheduling of grounds among other things listed as an excuse.

We maintain that excuse for not starting in August like the Europeans do and then when the stadia are free in September we wait on the sidelines playing behind closed doors.

Then it falls to the football starved public to pass on the A-League gospel by word of mouth to encourage people to come to watch a sport where the only headlines they see are written by scribes from the codes we are competing with.

As D Day looms for the FFA, I hope that the rebel Associations stick to their guns, force a pyramid with promotion/relegation and build a league that has an independent business plan of the others.

Not trying to avoid them, but to compete, Football will never be the number 1 sport in the country unless it does.

You can’t win a battle which you have already conceded.

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