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Torres, Sturridge, Mascherano and more on free transfers if A-League wants them

Steven Gerrard’s move to Ibrox has set tongues wagging about who his possible transfers may be, Bet 365 compiled a list of free transfers who have played with the Liverpool legend and on the back of the A-League announcement for providing cash for marquees it is interesting reading.

Players such as Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano would be huge in the A-League as would James Milner, Daniel Sturridge and Pepe Reina, the price would be right as well being on free transfers.

Of course, they would want to be well compensated, but that is the beauty of the mooted scheme, money can be provided from both the clubs and also the FFA.

We have seen in the press a lot of talk about Andreas Iniesta coming to Australia for lifestyle reasons, the same can be said for anyone coming to Australia, our weather, short season and western culture would be major drawcards.

If the A-League is looking for a tranche of players to farm out to the clubs, there are lot worse wishlists than this one.


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