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UK admits no proof of Russian chemical attack, pack your bags for Russia!

We have recently seen Football turned into a political football as governments have rushed to expel diplomats labeled spies around the Western World.

Yesterday I posted that this was a highly contrived and political manoeuvre which had nothing to do with either the game of Football or its fans.

Today we are finding out from the British laboratory which was charged with isolating the culprit of the attack that they cannot lay the blame with Russia.

Moreover, we are finding out the level of the political opportunism from some still upset that their country failed to win the World Cup, that Australia has been drawn into this is a disgrace.

As I published yesterday, Russia is an amazing country, should you visit it you will love your time there.

In the last couple of World Cups we saw multiple warnings about visiting Brazil and South Africa due to security concerns in those countries, everyone arrived home safe and sound with not one fatality.

I would be amazed if we were to lose a person in Russia, the Russians are an extremely proud people who take their hospitality as a matter of national pride.

Even the extreme right wing media is stating that there is no evidence against Russia, that Russia has asked unsuccessfully for access to the samples shows its desire to clear itself, not obfuscate justice.

Lies have been told and fingers pointed at the Kremlin in a highly political attack which is highly convenient.

That Australian Football fans are being warned off because of some Englishman’s lies is just not cricket.

Luckily no one is talking about that anymore.

Gavin Devine


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