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Westfields dropping FFA Cup sponsorship shows perilous state of the game

In yet another blow to the beleaguered FFA, the FFA Cup is now without a sponsor as giants Westfields have dropped their rights to the premier cup competition.

The announcement has been sugar-coated with the announcement that multi-national brand will increase its ‘support’ for the Women’s game.

Support, however, doesn’t have an immediate price tag on it and with this must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The FFA promises lots of things, from review processes for unjust bans to increasing the number of teams in the A-League but seldom produces.

The FFA can count its lucky stars that we qualified for the FIFA World Cup, had we failed the blowtorch of direct administration from FIFA would have loomed.

It is unlikely that FIFA wants to directly run a national body which is itself participating in its marquee event, it would be a conflict of interests especially with the Socceroos without a manager.

If FIFA took over they would be at a hiding to nothing, if they appointed a fantastic coach who got us out of our group the others would be understandably aggrieved, if they appointed a poor manager and we got hammered they would shoulder the blame.

The current mess regarding the Congress must be cleaned up before July or I fear we will find ourselves being run from afar.

That said, there are far worse things than having Gallop in charge of the national game.

He has come through with nothing in his tenure, today is just another failure in a long line of disappointing deals with the games sponsors, fans and stakeholders.

Speaking in Four Four Two Gallop said:

“As indicated recently, Westfield has chosen to increase their support of Women’s Football in Australia and as a result has chosen to step down as the naming rights partner of the FFA Cup,” Gallop said.

“Westfield took a leap of faith when they chose to partner the fledgling FFA Cup competition in 2014 and their contributions have been a big reason why the FFA Cup has become so successful in such a short time.

“We thank Westfield and the Scentre Group for their valuable support and we look forward to continue to work with them to promote and develop Women’s Football in Australia.”

Call me skeptic but I won’t hold my breath for much more than cosmetic changes to the Women’s game, no different to the bans appeals process, expansion and democratic principles of the Congress being neglected.

Today is yet another failure for a failed administration that is alienating all around it.

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